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Are you looking for Winter Wheels Witham for your vehicle?

It is of paramount importance to equip your vehicle with suitable wheels along with tyres Witham for optimal on-road driving experiences in wintry conditions.

Europit Tyres is a professional car workshop providing both steel and alloy winter wheels Hatfield Peverel, Witham. If you are wondering about the functional differences between steel and alloy wheels, Europit experts can explain and help to assist you in making an informed purchase to meet your requirements.

We stock an extensive range of steel and alloy winter wheels to suit every budget. Our facility is equipped with the latest tools and a team of skilled technicians adept with the technical know-how of a winter wheel and its technical intricacies.

What are the differences between steel and alloy winter wheel rims?

Both steel and alloy winter wheels feature distinct functional benefits and disadvantages. These are:

Alloy wheels

If you are looking for alloy winter wheels to improve your car handling in the winters, we are your one-stop destination. Some key advantages of winter alloy wheels are:

  • They weigh lighter than steel wheels. This improves your vehicle’s response and manoeuvrability on snow-laden tracks.
  • Due to the reduced kerb weight, your car’s acceleration rate and braking performance can also be considerably enhanced.
  • Further, your car suspension also sustains minimum damage as it has reduced stress.
  • At our facility, alloy winter wheels Witham come in various styles and enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Despite several advantages, there are some drawbacks of alloy wheels. These are:

  • They are costly.
  • Due to their lighter weight, they are susceptible to damages and can bend or break easier than their steel variants.

Steel wheels

Steel wheels come with robust construction. This makes them suitable for heavy load-bearing vehicles. They offer multiple advantages that include:

  • Courtesy of their sturdy construction, steel wheels are reliable and are usually hard to crack or bend, even in rough driving conditions.
  • They possess an innate ability to minimise effects from jerks and shocks. Thus, it helps deliver a comfortable driving experience.
  • Steel winter wheels Hatfield Peverel are also popular due to their resistance to rust and oxidation. This prevents corrosion for longer periods.
  • These wheels are easily reparable, increasing your ROI.
  • Due to their heavyweight, steel wheels are able to maintain better stability on the slushy roads in the winters.

However, they have two disadvantages that are:

  • Most steel car wheels are available in 16’’.
  • Due to their increased weight, it increases the vehicle’s kerb weight. This decreases the acceleration rate significantly. It also puts added stress on the car’s suspension and brakes.

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