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Are you looking for Winter Check Witham  for your vehicle?

Heavy rains and snowfall characterise the UK winters. They can threaten your on-road driving safety. Slushy roads and sub-zero temperatures make vehicles vulnerable to skids.

Therefore, it is essential to opt for a reliable and thorough winter car check to ensure dependable on-road performance in wintry conditions.

Europit Tyres is a professional car workshop offering a comprehensive car winter check Hatfield Peverel, Witham. Our experts use the latest equipment and techniques to inspect and repair/replace car components.

Europit professionals only use OE-grade spares to ensure assured post-service performance.

So you can safely cease your search for a “car winter check Witham” in and around Hatfield Peverel with Europit Tyres at Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford, CM3 2EQ.

Components of a winter vehicle check

Our experts will conduct a thorough check of the following components during our car winter check :

Tyre check

Professionals will check whether your car tyres feature a tread depth of at least 1.6mm. They will also inspect for any critical damage to the tyre carcass. When a tyre is unable to fulfil these conditions, it is imperative to replace it.

Anti-freeze and coolant inspection

Our winter check Witham also includes a coolant and anti-freeze check. Experts will ensure they are at a recommended 50:50 ratio or provide a top-up to ensure the manufacturer-specified ratio.

Engine oil check

Engine oil plays a key role in maintaining a healthy car engine. Overusing engine oil can reduce fuel efficiency. It can also cause considerable damage to the engine. Replacing it with a suitable seasonal variant is an expert recommendation.

Windscreen and wiper blades check

Rainfall and snow, along with scratches on the windshield, are detrimental to optimum visibility. Our experts will look for damages or faulty wiper blades and replace them with your permission.

Battery inspection

A car’s battery is integral for several critical vehicle functions, including ignition, headlamps, TPMS, etc. So a failing battery is not conducive to optimal vehicle functions, and a recharge/replacement is needed for on-road safety. Our experts will check the power output of your car battery and recharge or replace it as required.

Brake check

Damaged brake pads will result in a decrease in braking efficiency. It can also be due to other technical faults. Our experts will examine the car’s braking system and replace the damaged parts to restore your vehicle’s braking efficiency.

Electricals inspection

Our experts will also check the electrical components of your vehicle, including indicators, cabin light, headlamps, etc. We will replace faulty components and replace them as required.

A winter vehicle check Hatfield Peverel at Europit also includes:

  • Suspension check
  • Exhaust check
  • Steering column inspection, etc.

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