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Hankook Tyres

Hankook is a globally reputed Seoul-based tyre manufacturer. With over 100 million tyres sold annually, Hankook is the seventh-largest manufacturer worldwide. It is known for its innovations like Kontrol Technology that improves tyre performance significantly on wet tracks.

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Popular Hankook tyre categories


Hankook’s summer tyres come with a premium hard rubber compound that possesses unbeatable overheating resistance even in hot conditions. With optimum rolling resistance, these tyres experience reduced wear and tear. Summer variants from Hankook provide best-in-class traction and braking attributes.


Made from a top-quality natural rubber-rich compound, Hankook winter tyres come with a unique tread pattern and dense 3D sipes. These ensure enhanced resistance against hydroplaning chances on wet and snowy surfaces, along with maintaining tyre carcass integrity in sub-zero temperatures.


All-season tyres are suitable for car owners looking to reduce tyre-fitting expenses by installing a set of tyres that can offer reliable performance throughout the year. With an intermediate tread depth and asymmetric tread design these tyres ensure equally effective grip on both dry and wet tracks in moderate climatic conditions.


These tyres are specifically built for off-roading enthusiasts – and come with enhanced load-bearing capacity along with grip and control on uneven terrains. This is courtesy of wide shoulder blocks and reinforced sidewalls. A specially developed unique compound enables these tyres to perform optimally in both warm and cold conditions.


A top choice among car owners looking to maximise their on-road driving safety, run-flats can continue delivering uncompromised performance in the event of a puncture or a blowout. Equipped with the PNCS technology, these tyres deliver a noiseless driving experience.


UHP or performance tyres are manufactured for high-performance cars to provide superlative control and steering precision at high speeds. It comes with Kontrol technology for enhanced control and manoeuvrability on wet surfaces at high speeds.

Popular tyre models from the house of Hankook:

  • Ventus RS4
  • Winter i*Pike RS W419
  • Ventus S1 evo K107

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