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If you are looking forward to buying a new set of tyres, ensure you choose the right size and model for a safe car handling experience.

The tyre size recommended by the manufacturer for your respective car model is decided after a lot of research. So it is imperative to abide by such recommendations while choosing a tyre for your vehicle.

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Tyre sizes explained:

Suppose a tyre size code is 175/70 R13. This alpha-numeric code entails several details like:

175 - The first 3 digits represent the tyre’s width measured in millimetres.

70 - Next, the number 70 represents the aspect ratio of this tyre or the profile height measured in percentage of the full tyre width.

R - The letter R means that this tyre has radial construction.

Note: There are other types of tyre construction like Bias Belt and Diagonal Cross Ply illustrated by letters B and D, respectively.

13 - Number 13 represents the tyre diameter which is measured in inches.

In addition to the codes above, there are other factors that you must consider when choosing a tyre like:

Load index: The load index of the tyre means the maximum amount of load a respective tyre model can carry when fully inflated.

Please note: The total weight carrying capacity of tyres differ with respective load indexes.

Speed index: The speed index of a tyre model is the maximum speed a respective tyre can sustain.

Choosing the right tyre size is extremely crucial. Otherwise, your car handling efficiency and steering control will be jeopardised severely.

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