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Are you looking for Summer Check Witham for your vehicle?

During the summer months, extreme heat can have a harsh effect on your car. Hence, a summer health check is integral to ensure that all the components of your vehicle are functioning optimally to hit hot surfaces.

That’s where Europit Tyres can help!

Make your car summer-ready with our comprehensive summer check Hatfield Peverel, Witham. Our facility houses experts who will conduct several internal and external inspections of your car. Our summer check is cost-effective and reliable.

Our comprehensive summer check is designed to ensure that your car is back in optimum shape with minimum turnaround time.

What does our summer check contain?

The various inspections in our summer check Witham include:


One of the first things that our technicians check is the car tyres witham. They make sure whether you are using an ideal set of summer tyres or not. In addition, they will also check your tyres to confirm that there are no damages. After this, we will also check and make sure that the tread depth is not below 1.6 mm.


Our summer check also includes a detailed review of the car’s battery. This includes inspection of several battery parts, such as the wires, terminals, battery fluid, case and more. If we find serious issues with your car’s battery, we will communicate this to you and recommend a cost-effective battery replacement.

Note: We only use OE-grade spares to conduct battery replacements.


Extreme temperature can cause overheating of the engine. The coolant performs as a heat exchange that prevents the car from overheating during the summer months. It also prevents the engine from freezing during winters.

Our technicians will inspect the vehicle’s coolant level and top it up as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

In addition to the above, our summer check Hatfield Peverel also includes the following:

  • Air conditioning check
  • Windscreen wiper check
  • Oil level inspection and more.


Drive down to our facility today to get your car summer-ready. You can locate us at Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford, CM3 2EQ.

Should you have any queries regarding our summer check and would like to talk to one of our experts please give us a call.

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